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Dimensions: 40x30x1.5in

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Year Created: 2024

Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang. Not framed.

In a captivating blend of warm reds and oranges against serene whites, off-whites, and parchment hues, this painting depicts a man in anguish, holding flowers in his hand, torn between his craft and his relationship. His conflicted presence is emphasized by the prominent placement of his workstation and a young woman delicately atop a floating beach ball, her expression serene amidst the tumultuous scene. Amidst this emotional landscape, the man's sole companion is his faithful dog, a silent witness to his internal conflict. Through a mix of precise lines and fluid brushstrokes, the artist captures the essence of human dilemma, inviting viewers to ponder the eternal struggle to choose between relationships and passion.

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